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ColDeKa is a dietary supplement containing Cod Liver Oil, as well as Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids PUFA, EPA And DHA, And;

Shiitake Mushrooms – Recognized For Centuries In The Medicine Of The Far East Thanks To Their Pro-Health Properties Are Considered As A Potion Of Life; Beta D Glukan – Polisaharyd, Which Among Other Beneficialproperties, Has A Positive Effect On Blood Circulation, Cholesterol Level, Metabolism And Contributes To The Cleansing Of The Body;

Vitamin A Cares For Hair, Skin, Nails And Eyesight; Vitamin D Promotes Bone Mineralisation And Immunity;

Vitamin K Is Important In The Prevention Of Blood Vessel Calcification (Prevents From “Calcium Paradox”), Heart Diseases And Cardiovascular System, Supports Bone Mineralisation.


60 capsules

Ingredients in the recommended daily dose

(1 capsule):

1 capsule contains:

50 μg of vitamin D, which is 1000% RWS *

75 μg of vitamin K, which is 100% RWS *

Shiitake mushroom extract – 20 mg

*% NRV – Nutrient Reference Value

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