For over a decade we have been passionate about creating highest-quality cosmetics based on natural collagen. Our Ateloliquid Make-up Remover is the first product in the world with such exquisite packaging. Just spin the bottle to experience an amazing dance of ingredients binding inside of it.

Japanese women, known for their immaculate, alabaster skin, spend a lot of time on skincare. Such a skin care routine involves several stages of make-up removal and moisturising to keep the skin in perfect condition. This means that they do not need to use a tonne of make-up base or powder to hide imperfections, and wrinkles appear at a much later age.

With Polish customers in mind we have created the Ateloliquid Make-up Remover to complement out ATELO – COLWAY Golden Line. The product has been enriched with a complex of natural moisturising factors NMF based on “green” emulsifier, free from SLS.
This is the first step towards healthy, youthful, good looking skin. From the very first use your skin will be perfectly, quickly and gently cleansed, as you remove even waterproof make-up with this gentle cleanser. Agastache extract softens and soothes the skin.
A light protective-moisturising layer remains on the skin making it feel fresh and relaxed.


Active substances: atelocollagen, Agastache extract, urea, PCA, fructose.
Intended use: • Adults. • All skin types. • Perfect to remove face and eye make-up, even for sensitive skin prone to irritation. • Especially recommended for redness-prone skin with broken capillaries.

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