Blue Diamond Cream


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Blue diamonds – are very rare, most desired diamonds in the world…..

So is exatcly BLUE DIAMOND CREAM – avant gare cosmetics wchich will satisfy even most demanding clients.

The liposomes created in nanotechnology, using the lates generation of penetrations promoters, transport micro particles into the skin cells the most advanced cosmetic form ceramides and coenzyme Q10. The innovative formula is complemented by a wide ranfe of natural, active substances including kinetin derived from cells.


Thos composition, enchired with biologically active collagen peptides, isolated by the unique Polish patented method from fish skin, stimulates skin cell proliferation and normalizes the secretion of sebum and the formation of lamellar layers.

BLUE DIAMOND CREAMS provides spectacular effects on strongly dehydrared, dry and even cracked skin.

Moisturizes and slows the process of wrinkles formation.





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