15 ml





A gentle emulsion with a very rich composition, intended as anti-ageing treatment of sensitive skin in the eye area.


Effectively improves tension and lifts the skin, improving its tone and appearance. From the very first use, the skin around the eyes becomes moisturised, brighter and smoother.

COLWAY Eye Elixir – is saturated with the most effective and expensive active substances, which makes it unique on the market. Pepha Tight – new generation algae extract, Moist 24 – extract from a desert plant which provides 24h hydration, borage oil – a component used in the best cosmetics. The hit ingredient in the previous formula of the Eye Elixir was (and still is) Eyeseryl – a new generation biomimetic tetrapeptid, which is 95% efficient in reducing swelling and dark circles.


The composition was complemented with almond oil, which is a source of good acids and phytosterols, and most of all an ingredient developed by Dr Błażej Dolniak only for COLWAY at the Cell Line Research Laboratory – FGF-1 MicroTransDerm – a fibroblast growth agent! This is the only such agent produced in Europe!
Eye Elixir is currently one of the best anti-ageing products in the world.



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