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Intended for looking after less sensitive or visible body parts.

Used for nourishing hair and nails, very popular at hair and beauty studios. Can also be used as treatment for joints and hard skin on the feet and elbows.

Hair care:

Can be used as a mask – the gel should be massaged into the scalp and left on clean hair for 20 minutes, then it can be rinsed off or left on the hair. It can also be used as hair rinse by adding collagen to lukewarm water.

The product is effective in case of seborrheic dermatitis.

Hand care:

The treatment can even be repeated every day. Apply collagen on the nails as often as you wish. Perfectly regenerates damaged or dry cuticles!

Foot care:

Makes skin softer, strengthens nails, heals broken skin on the heels.


Did you know that…

You can increase the efficiency of your collagen treatments by regularly (at least once a week) exfoliating the whole body.

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