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Worldwide unique, complete hair conditioner. The ingredients contained in it, actually enable a positive impact on the condition of hair along its entire length.

There are three main areas of hair, hair follicles, sebaceous glands and hair tubule and dead keratin process above the hair tubule, which is what we see and call the hair. Virtually all hair conditioners only make contract with the visible part of hair, above its tubule.

Hair Thickening Conditioner – original project of the Polish inventor, doctor of chemistry Krzysztof Słoń – thanks to the presence of active diosmin, it works on the area where the hair is born, so on the hair follicle. Specifically high concentration of diosmin causes increased blood flow in the blood vessels of the follicle, which results in greater amount of nutrients used by the body to hair growth.

Other areas are sebaceous glands and hair tubule. They are essential for the functioning and condition of hair. Colway conditioner provides an optimal set of substances for proper hair exstence in all phases of its life : anagen, catagen and telogen.

The third area, dead keratin process, which is known to us the visible part of the hair, requires proper substances providing easy hair combing and shine.

In Colway conditioner there are two natural substances which neutralize static electricity on hair responsible for tangling. Hair gloss is provided by malic acid, which smooths the scales.

Malic acid moisturizes hair very well and protects them from the inside against the heat of the dryer. Extra shine and reduced fraction while combing is obtained thanks to amodimethicone, the substance selectively binding to the Surface of the hair and consequently not blocking the skin’s surface. With such an avant-garde design of the conditioner, we can enjoy the extraordinary effect of its application. The environment of hair thickening COLWAY conditioner is so comfortable that the newly growing hair regain its natural colour even in the early stage of getting grey. It grows stronger, better moisturised and healthier.


Strengthens, stimulates and regenerates (thanks to the biologically active diosmin, which targers keratin – a visible, mainly dead part of the hair as well as its invisible parts : hair root, sebaceous glands and hair tubule)

Makes combing easier

Protects hair from becoming greasy

Malic acid provides shine and smooths the cuticle



Unique hair conditioner with active diosmin, effectively combats hair loss

Natural product with a light formula

Does not contain SLS nor silicones

Excellent for sensitive scalp

Significantly accelerates and enhances the effects of hair thickening shampoo treatment

Native Polish biochemical invention



Diosmin conditions the main part of the hair, which would normally break alredy in the initial growth phase. Just after the first application hair stays fresher for longer allowing you to postpone the next washing. Stops hair from failing out and helps hair regain its natural colour.

Strengthens and moisturises the hair, leaving it thick and strong.




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