Herbaceum – body balm


200 ml

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Herbaceum – body balm

Natural emulsion based on herbs and Polish collagen. The richness of the formula and the broad, universal scope of its application come from the range of plants used to create the product: suitable for skin care problems, such as broken capillaries, rosacea, atopic skin, sensitive skin, irritated skin, as well as acne-prone skin, loss of elasticity and vitality. Herbaceum soothes irritation and regenerates skin, ensuring the optimum level of hydration, flexibility and elasticity. Plant cells stimulate skin restoration processes, help skin regenerate, stimulate fibroblasts, strengthen collagen and elastin fibres, thus supporting the skin in the fight against ageing, including photo-aging and oxidative stress.

Active Ingredients:

aloe vera, birch tree, hypericum, wild strawberry, dog rose, oenothera, sweet almond, common marigold, magnolia-vine, cannabis, rosemary, common sea buckthorn, curcuma, shea tree, chestnut, arnica, ginseng, witch-hazel, water pennywort, beeswax, vitamin E, lanoline and collagen

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