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Platinum Collagen makes the skin firmer, more flexible, brighter and smooths out wrinkles.

It is excellent for looking after skin with allergies, psoriasis, acne or rosacea. It can also be used to soothe the skin after shaving. In order to eliminate tension in the skin after collagen application, an appropriate cream or balm should be used – it is recommended to use products from COLWAY lines, synergic to Natural Collagen. If minimal amount of unabsorbed collagen remains on the skin, this means that too much product was applied or that it is sufficient to use the gel once a day, preferably as part of your evening skincare routine. When it comes to facial skincare, we recommend applying more than a single dose of collagen on the eyelids and under the eyes.


  • Would you like to cheat your biological clock,

hidden inside millions of collagen-producing cells?

  • Would you like to postpone the retirement of your cells?
  • Would you like to stop time and improve the quality of your life?


Fish collagen hydrates are only obtained in Poland using a patented method. The production method was patented by dr Andrzej Frydrychowski (protection right no.206813). Anybody else who produces collagen gel by way of hydration of fish skins commits plagiarism, and products which do not feature the above patent number on the packaging may be of a low quality!

Natural Collagen

– the brand was first introduced on the EU market by COLWAY. (CPNP reference no. 1006689,1007155,1007162).

Anybody else copying that name – is committing plagiarism.



Natural Collagen is a chain of 1000 amino acids bound in a spiral, only produced by vertebrates in the metabolic cycle. It is produced using an extract from skins of the most precious fish species, caught in natural reservoirs, filtered with silk fibroins produced by silkworm. Collagen produced in that way keeps its spatial structure, very similar to the structure of human collagen, i.e. a triple helix.

  • It is a completely natural product, without any added colourants, perfumes or preservatives. You receive a unique product with collagen contents around a dozen times higher than in the most expensive cosmetics in the world.
  • The product does not cause allergies, irritation nor addictions. It causes no side effects.
  • It is one of the greatest discoveries in global cosmetology and protein biotechnology.
  • It is the only product, unlike thousand other cosmetic products, which reaches the cause of skin ageing instead of fighting its consequences. It is simply pure collagen, rather than just several per cent of added collagen.

Natural Collagen in a non-invasive product! 100% natural protein! Collagen hydrate, 100% eco-friendly!

By applying the product we provide the skin from the outside with that is missing on the inside. Natural collagen is the purest protein solution (collagen with elastin) with a small addition of lactic acid and emulsifier-stabiliser.

It contains no perfumes, colourants or preservatives. For many people allergic to chemical ingredients found in cosmetics it is the only effective alternative to protect their skin against the unforgiving ageing process.

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