150 ml

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The composition of Cellular Atelowater resembles the composition of water found in human skin. It contains mineral ions and trace elements. It provides a balance needed for normal cellular processes, takes part in metabolism and helps the body absorb collagen.
In order to create additional synergy with atelocollagen, Cellular Atelowater has been enriched with natural vitamin C, superoxide dismutase, atelocollagen, tropocollagen and pro-collagen-I. The synergy is created by using the properties of atelocollagen to bind cellular water (and its ingredients) deep in the skin.

Revitalizing face mist. Moisturizes, refreshes, regenerates, nourishes, reduces oxidative stress. Vitamin C Superox-C ™ derived from the kakadu plum extract illuminates, energizes and seals the cell.

The mechanism of synergy of action is based on the use of atelocollagen to bind cell water (and the components contained in it ) deep in the skin. It contains brightening vitamin C – Superox-C ™ – an extract from the Australian cockatoome plum, which is the world’s richest source of vitamin C and polyphenols.

This botanical ingredient provides the antioxidants needed to fight the aging of the skin. It also has antiradical activity. Stimulates pro-collagen I and synthesis of hyaluronic acid; smoothes wrinkles, brightens discolorations.


Active Ingredients:

Tropocollagen, Procollagen, Atelocollagen, Australian cockatoome plum extract, vitamin C – Superox-C ™, superoxide dismutase, mineral ions, trace elements.


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