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ColDeKa is a dietary supplement, whose main function is to support the immune system.

It contains natural, highly bio-available substances, which most people have a deficit of.

For anyone filling up their supplements basket it is a very attractive product, with a great composition.
Function of its ingredients: Vitamin D – is produced when human skin is exposed to the sun. Sadly, in our climate zone the amount of sunshine is not sufficient to satisfy the biological needs of the human body. Vitamin D deficits are common in people across all ages, especially those whose outdoor activity is reduced. Researchers estimate that 50% of the general population are at risk of vitamin D deficiency, and that figure grows among the high-risk population (the elderly and people with darker complexions).


These are official data by WHO (World Health Organization). Vitamin D deficiency is the cause of rickets in children, which means that bone tissue is not strong and mineralised enough. This leads to brittle bones and bone deformation.
In the supplement dose, vitamin D: • reduces inflammation, • reduces the risk of some cancers or • autoimmune diseases such as type I diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis or • multiple sclerosis, • has a positive impact on cellular genetic material.
Vitamin K2 (MK2) – according to the latest research is considered a necessary bioregulator of vitamin D3 bioavailability, in particular when consumed with calcium. Vitamin K deficiency is just as dangerous to our health as vitamin D avitaminosis.

Vitamin K is important for strong bones, healthy arteries and blood vessels.
K2 also plays a role in other biological processes, such as cellular regeneration and growth. It supports pregnancy and is important in cancer prevention. Vitamin K in the form of menaquinone and fitoquinone is not toxic even in large doses.
Shiitake extract – apart from high vitamin D, B3 and niacin contents, it also provides all the beneficial properties of that unique mushroom, which has been used in medicine in the Far East for centuries.

Shiitake stimulates and strengthens the immune system, prevents atherosclerosis and thus many other related diseases, such as heart attack and stroke. Lentinant (or beta-D-glucan) found in the mushroom is an organic polysaccharide with anti-cancer properties, which supports the immune system. An additional source of completely natural beta-D-glucan in the ColDeKa supplement is Sacchromyces cerevisiae yeast extract, standardised in terms of beta-D-glucan contents.


ColDeKa is a dietary supplement containing Cod Liver Oil, as well as Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids PUFA, EPA And DHA, And;

Shiitake Mushrooms – Recognized For Centuries In The Medicine Of The Far East Thanks To Their Pro-Health Properties Are Considered As A Potion Of Life; Beta D Glukan – Polisaharyd, Which Among Other Beneficialproperties, Has A Positive Effect On Blood Circulation, Cholesterol Level, Metabolism And Contributes To The Cleansing Of The Body;

Vitamin A Cares For Hair, Skin, Nails And Eyesight; Vitamin D Promotes Bone Mineralisation And Immunity;

Vitamin K Is Important In The Prevention Of Blood Vessel Calcification (Prevents From “Calcium Paradox”), Heart Diseases And Cardiovascular System, Supports Bone Mineralisation.


60 capsules

Ingredients in the recommended daily dose

(1 capsule):

1 capsule contains:

50 μg of vitamin D3, which is 1000% RWS *

75 μg of vitamin K2MK7, which is 100% RWS *

Shiitake mushroom extract – 20 mg

*% NRV – Nutrient Reference Value

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