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Can you imagine a product so safe that you will be able to use it to wash your newborn baby?

This is a completely unique product, organic and natural. Initially, it was only intended as a face wash.

But by using the product, consumers have discovered more and more
applications. In short: it is perfect for washing the face and the rest of the body, removing make-up (even waterproof
mascara), for washing your hair or washing your hands after working in a garage, grating beetroot or peeling fresh nuts.
Perfect as an intimate wash, great alternative to shaving foam
for men. Soothes inflammation, reduces rashes and spots, creates a light foam, has a pleasant, gentle smell.
Does not irritate the eyes.
Intended for all skin types, including delicate, sensitive, tired, allergy-prone, acne-prone skin, as well as for children and
anyone wanting more firmness and freshness.

The unique composition of the product provides the skin with the right nutrition and moisture, while carefully chosen,
very gentle cleansing substances do not cause any irritation, increasing your comfort while you wash your face.
Does not contain SLS soaps – SODIUM LAURYL SULFATE nor SODIUM LAURETH SULFATE SLS is a cheap cleansing agent produced from coconut oil, widely used in a lot of washing products. It does remove oil perfectly from any surface. SLS soaps are typical synthetic
detergents which have been used in the industry for a long time to degrease and clean equipment and facilities…
Currently they can be found in almost all shower gels, shampoos and bath liquids. They cause skin dryness, disrupt
oil and sweat secretion process, disturb the function of the apocrine glands, irritate the skin, cause itching and rashes.
They contribute to discolorations, inflammation and cysts with puss (including milia).


They have especially damaging effects on the skin of babies and children and on the genital area. Studies have also
shown that SLS soaps can cause eye damage in children and contribute to developing cataract in adults! They cause eye
irritation and conjunctivitis. If they reach the nasal cavity, for example while you are washing your face, they cause
catarrh. They are absorbed from the skin into the blood and cause global effects. They accumulate in your body! They are
metabolised in the liver! They damage the nervous system and skin immune system. They decrease the concentration of oestrogen and may cause negative menopausal symptoms.
When rubbed into the breasts and genitals, they may cause cancer and disrupt spermatogenesis and oogenesis. They damage the protective coating of hair, making them brittle and causing spilt ends.
It can be said this is one of the most dangerous ingredients used for body care and hair care. Another big problem is that SLS binds with carcinogenic substances: dioxins and nitrates.


SLS is widely used in all clinics of the world as a tester for irritating the skin. Research is conducted by applying SLS
and irritating the skin of humans and animals. Next, the irritated skin is treated with different products.



That is why you should use the Collagen Wash Gel every day!
Factors which make it unique:
• does not contain SLS,
• does not contain paraben preservatives,
• the only stabilisers are antioxidants and standardised
substances found in food,

• the composition is based on plant extracts, fish collagen
and substances compatible with the skin and mucous
membranes – which do not damage the hydro-lipid
protective layer,
• as gentle as cosmetic products intended for babies,
• SLS is replaced with prestigious, best active substances
which are usually only reserved for the best anti-ageing
• the Collagen Wash Gel itself is a product with proven
results when it comes to softening and smoothing the
skin, moisturising the dermis, activating regeneration and
antioxidation processes,
• it does not irritate sensitive skin on the face, especially
around the eyes, which may be the case for any available
soaps and gels which need to be used with water,
• does not make the skin dry like soap.



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