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Dietary supplement of unique composition. It contains micronized algae, tertiary lyophilisate of fish collagen and natural vitamin E (Datocopherol) obtained from modified wild grain seeds.

Colvita® is a derivative of the great invention of Polish biotechnology, which was the extraction to the form of a hydrate, while preserving the triplespiral protein conformation of natural living organisms  a pure, natural collagen from fish skin. The inspiration to create Colvita® was drawn from Natural Collagen, the discovery of Polish biotechnology  obtained from biologically active tertiary collagen from fish skin. Natural Collagen  a global unique antiage cosmetic became a sensation on the market, as evidenced by the nearly 2,000,000 packages of the product distributed in a short time by Colway.

Lyophilisation is the freezing of pure collagen to minus 40°C under vacuum conditions and the subliminal removal of water from it (drying). This ensures the highest purity, biological durability of nutrients and amino acids preserved in the natural form. This process also allows the components to maintain an excellent hygroscopicity of the product, and therefore, extremely high assimilability.

The favourable consumers’ receptions were met by the abovestandard cosmetic products of the Colway® series produced on the basis of collagen hydrate.

Colvita° is a completely new approach to the problem of care for tissues composed of collagen. This supplement is a coping stone of work on a group of products derived from fish collagen which stops time for good. Thanks to the Vitamin E supplement, the skin is smoother and softer and when used simultaneously with Collagen gel and its derivatives from the outside  it also becomes better moisturized and nurtured. The human collagen chains are composed of about 20 amino acids. Only a part of it does the body produce in metabolit processes. The rest must be supplied in food. It is worth nourishing oneself in a way that provides constant replen’ ishing of the amino acids storage for cells that produce and service collagen. Colvita® is produced from lyophilised fish collagen. The triple helix collagen, similar to the construction of the DNA helix spirals, but functioning in the extracellular space is the carrier of information about amino acid reserves for vertebrates.

Colvita is a combination of revitalising ingredients which help internally supplement the most important tissue in the human body – connective tissue. There is no other anti-ageing tablet or capsule in the world which targets collagen deficits and is more biotechnologically advanced than Colvita.


Colvita + Vitamin C = Effectiveness

Colvita composition:

Tertiary collagen – the best bio-vector stimulating the activity of chondrocytes and fibroblasts, which is difficult to find in our diet, and even then it loses many of its properties due to heat processing.

When consumed as a capsule, in the lyophilisate form, it stimulates cellular regeneration and significantly accelerates regeneration of collagen fibres. It also provides optimum nutrition to the skin, bones, hair and nails.

Marine algae have been extremely successful in cosmetology, dietetics and medicine. They contain more vitamin C than citrus fruits and ten times more calcium than milk. The results of the first studies on algae were a positive surprise to biochemists. The rich nutritional value of algae is unique in the entire kingdom of plants. Bladder wrack contains similar amount of protein to legumes.

Algae are rich in calcium, iron, copper, manganese, potassium, selenium, phosphorous, chromium and zinc.

They contain vitamins A, B, C, E, and K, carbohydrates, fibre, polysaccharides and exogenous amino acids, polyphenols, carotene and mucous compounds. This is a nearly perfectly balanced complex of vitamins, macro- and microelements

and other precious substances. They are easily digestible

and easily absorbed as their mineral composition resembles our body fluids.

Vitamin E – is the body’s main means of “protection” against harmful free radicals. It is the body’s main “line of defence”. Free radicals are extremely active oxygen particles which attack nearly all components of living tissue. Vitamin E

particles react with free radicals and turn them into neutral, safe substances, which are then removed from the body with urine. Thanks to its oxidizing properties, vitamin E helps protect red blood cells, which transport oxygen to all cells in the body. It prevents them from ageing and protects them, at the same time supporting the cellular respiration process and helping keep high muscle efficiency. Vitamin E was the first product called the “elixir of youth” in the 20th century. It gives us longevity, vitality, energy and a will to live. It stimulates collagen synthesis, improves the appearance of the skin and protects against infertility.

Tocotrienols – have been a hit among supplements in the recent years. It is a form of vitamin E which is even several hundred times more bio-available than its previously

known forms. Tocotrienols are efficient gene regulators and modulators for many important enzymes, they help fight inflammation, muscular dysfunctions and heart disease. Unlike tocopherols, they also have strong anti-atherosclerosis,

anti-cancer and neuroprotective properties.


By using COLVITA you are making a step towards the latest methods of looking after your health and beauty.

This is the view of registered doctors, who are absolutely aware of the delicate nature of matter and of the emotions stirred by any reported response of cancer cells to any

anti-cancer substance introduced during therapy. That is why, choosing their words very carefully, they only inform us that there are humble grounds to believe that the amino acid-mineral-vitamin complex called Colvita may have anti-cancer properties, especially anti-metastatic properties (inhibiting metastasis).



  • is not a universal cure for all diseases but a great supplement, rich in necessary ingredients, vitamins,macro- and microelements needed by our bodies to function properly;
  • offers completely natural goodness for our whole body. It targets the cause, not the effects;
  • is a product with a concentrated dose of very easily absorbed peptides, which do not cause allergies;
  • is a great alternative to needed (but fatty) foods, such as pork knuckle, offal, poultry skins, gelatin;
  • has precious “slimming” properties; it is the biggest bomb of peptide and peptide decomposition products developed so far, with the highest possible bio-activity;
  • fish collagen and marine algae extract aid fat metabolism – just eat reasonable amounts
  • of animal and saturated fats,
  • and if you take Colvita every day, it will ensure normal metabolism;
  • vitamin E found in Colvita is partially provided in the form of tocotrienol, which is several dozen times more effective than common forms of the vitamin. It protects the body against harmful free radicals. It reduces inflammation, improves the con
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