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Blue diamonds – very rare, the most sought after diamonds in the world… Just like the Blue Diamond
Cream – the latest discovery in skin revitalisation, which will delight even the most demanding
With age, especially when we turn 40, our skin produces less and less ceramides, as a result of which it starts
losing water, the epidermis becomes thinner and less flexible and the keratosis process is disrupted.
Consequently, the skin ages faster.

The answer is the Blue Diamond Cream, which helps completely regenerate the epidermis, supports lamellar
regeneration and protects against water loss. With the use of penetration promotors, new-generation liposomes found
in the cream transport microparticles of the latest ceramides developed in cosmetology and coenzyme Q10 to skin cells.
Thanks to liposomes produced using nano-technology, biologically active collagen and a whole range of other active
ingredients, the Blue Diamond Cream can not only help nourish the epidermis, but also activate cells to reproduce
and normalise sebum secretion as well as help build lamellar structures.
Thanks to its innovative formula, we can achieve spectacular effects also with highly dehydrated skin, dry skin or even cracked skin.


• moisturising and cleansing
• protection against water loss and harmful external factors
• regenerating
• normalising skin processes – skin homoeostasis
• regulating sebum secretion
• strengthening the protective skin barrier
• firming and strengthening the skin collagen structure
• softening and smoothing
• activating cells to reproduce
• anti-wrinkle effects

• the use of liposomes and penetration promotors helps the
ingredients penetrate the skin and repair it by rebuilding
its natural protective barrier, i.e. the hydro-lipid layer.
This increases the absorption of active substances.
• the product contains our natural collagen gel, which is the
strongest and simplest anti-ageing cosmetic in the world
• new-generation ceramides help rebuild the lipid barrier,
keep water in the skin and keep the skin hydrated

Main ingredients:
• liposomal ceramides, liposomal coenzyme Q10, liposome
with three substances:
• L-hydroxyproline — rutin bioflavonoid — MAP
— stable form of vitamin C,
• penetration promotor: glycosaminoglycans, collagen,
kinetin, vitamin E, shea butter, mango butter, jojoba oil,
macadamia oil, avocado oil, borage oil, olive oil, algae


Intended use:
• Adults.
• All skin types.
Night and day use.
Especially recommended for the face, neck and décolletage
if you have mature skin, dry, dehydrated skin in need of
immediate regeneration. Works very well in the winter

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